Video of Gurukul teacher beating a student is shared with false narratives.


It is being said that he is a child of Dalit community, he has also kept his braid, he just made one mistake, he hid his caste from the teacher, because of his mistake he is being punished, where is the video, it is true Don’t know what the topic is but the child is being mistreated.

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A sensitive viral video purporting a man thrashing a kid is shared with different claims. In the viral video, we can see that the man first slaps the kid and then starts beating him with the wooden sticks. Meanwhile, the kid kept on saying “Guruji please don’t beat me…  Guruji please don’t beat me”. The man is seen replying not to show him crocodile tears after which he is seen unsatisfied and goes on picking up the student and throwing him on the ground.

Some social users share that a Dalit student was getting beaten up by a teacher as he has hidden his caste from the teacher. Some other social media users claim that this video is from RSS(Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) training camp and this is how they train children. The same viral video shared on social media can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

We ran a keyword search and found the original incident covered by Aaj Tak on 09, October 2023. In this article thumbnail we found similar visuals as in the viral video. The original sensitive video of a teacher thrashing a student is from the Sanskrit Kishori Balika Vidhyalaya, Sidhauli, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. The student was beaten up by the teacher because he kept going back to his home from the Gurukulam. It is to be noted that Gurukulam system is residential and it is mandatory for the students to stay in the place where they study.

A case on accused teacher Satish Joshi has been registered under relevant sections on 08.10.23 in the case of beating a student by a teacher/acharya under police station Sidhauli area as stated by CO Sadar Shri Raju Kumar Saav.

The case was registered after the video went viral. The incident is said to have happened days before the case was registered.


The viral video has no links with the RSS training camp or caste discrimination. The video is of a Gurukul teacher beating a student brutally as he kept running back to his home.

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