Haldwani Did Not Have ‘Less Than 1,000 Muslims’ 20 Years Ago


If you ask why NRC is mandatory then the answer is #Haldwani . 20 years back, less than 1000 Muslim population was in Haldwani Tehsil. Today they r more than 1 Lakh. Most are Bangladeshi & Rohingya who were settled by PFI & so called secular parties. Now they r burning Haldwani.
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Police have arrested 25 more rioters in relation to the February 8 riots following the demolition of an “illegal” madrassa in Haldwani, Uttarakhand. Now total30 rioters have been arrested. The Nainital Senior Superintendent of Police, Prahlad Meena, mentioned that they are working to apprehend the key accused, Abdul Malik, soon. Additionally, a delegation from two Muslim bodies visited the area, alleging differential treatment of protesters based on religion.

A viral post purporting on X(formerly Twitter) that “20 years back less than 1000 Muslim population was in Haldwani Tehsil but today muslim are more than 1 Lakh in Haldwani and most are Bangladeshi and Rohingya. These Muslim areas were settled by PFI and so called secular parties and they are the reason for recent Haldwani riots. This viral was viewed by 74k and retweeted by 1.3k”. 

Similar claim shared by right wing supporters can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What is the Truth ?

In our search for census data on Uttarakhand from 2001 we found a document titled ‘Population by religious community, Uttaranchal – 2001.’ According to this document, in 2001, Haldwani had a total population of 4,97,869, with 80,436 belonging to the Muslim community, accounting for 16.15 percent of the total population.

Additionally to the 2011 Census, we observed changes in Haldwani’s demographics. The total population decreased to 3,64,129, and the Muslim community comprised 67,559 individuals, making up 18.55 percent of the total population in 2011. It’s essential to note that there is no recent data available as the Indian government has not conducted the 2021 Census due to various reasons.  

So according to the above mentioned census data the total population of Muslim community in Haldwani before 23 years was 80,436 and not just 1000. This proves that the claim is baseless.


It is found that Haldwani did not have less than 1000 Muslim population 20 years back as claimed. The 2001 census details clarifies that Muslim community comprised of 80,436 out of Haldwani total population 4,97,869.

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