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Was Hathras MP seated on the floor in the BJP office because he is a Dalit?


Member of Parliament seated on the floor in the BJP office. Rajveer Singh Dilwar, a Lok Sabha member from Hadras constituency in Uttar Pradesh, was seated on the floor and given tea in a plastic cup in his hand while conducting a consultation at the BJP office in his constituency. The person sitting in the seat is an upper caste BJP member in the area.

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The news has gone viral on social networking sites, including Facebook, that a young woman was sexually assaulted and killed in the Hathras area when the constituency’s MP held a meeting he allowed to sat on the floor in the BJP office and offered her tea in a plastic cup alone.

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Followers are also being asked us to post on the authenticity of this post, which is being shared by thousands, claiming that an MP is sitting on the floor because of caste discrimination in Uttar Pradesh.

It is true that the person sitting on the floor in the photo is Hathras constituency MP Rajveer Singh Tiller. While doing a reverse image search of the photo, he sat on the floor and drank tea in a separate cup is true, but was able to find out that the incident did not happen recently when he was an MP.

On February 8, 2017, the Times of India reported, “A Dalit BJP candidate here (Rajveer Singh Tiller) not only sits on the floor when he visits the homes of upper caste voters, but also forgets to carry a mug of tea.

The area is dominated by 90,000 Jat voters. They play the key role in election poll results. So while other Dalit candidates here pay homage to the upper caste electorate, canditates takes it seriously. Sitting on the floor and using a mug for oneself ”is a hereditary adat (family custom). His father Kishan Lal was an MLA and an MP. ”

Hadras constituency MP Rajveer Singh Tiller was sitting on the floor and drinking tea in a separate glass when he went to get votes from Jat voters when he was the BJP’s Dalit candidate. The incident took place in 2017 when he was the BJP’s candidate.

In an interview with Hathras MP The Print, he said, “I asked the district judge to do the funeral in the morning. But, he did not listen to me. The police did not inform me of the cremation. However, I kept going there. But the police asked me to go to the police station for fear of a confrontation. I am ashamed to be an MP. I am ready to resign from my post if the Valmiki community fails to get justice for their woman. ”


BJP MP Rajveer Singh Diler belongs to the Valmiki community. Sitting on the floor when he goes to the houses of the dominant castes for a vote in 2017, he carries a separate mug for himself and drinks tea. The Times of India reports that he sees it as a family routine. But, they are spreading the misconception that the incident took place in the BJP office in conjunction with the Hathras incident.

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