This article is from Sep 10, 2020

Did the BJP youth leader tell non-Hindi speaking peoples to go to Pakistan?


If you don’t know Hindi, go to Pakistan – Vinoj P Selvam BJP state youth leader



Ruling parties and supporters have been posting in support of the Hindi language as anti-Hindi speeches in Tamil Nadu have spread like wildfire on social media. Amid such bipartisan debates, a news card on the Facebook page of Narathar Media has gone viral on social media, claiming that Vinoj P Selvam, the state youth leader of the Tamil Nadu BJP, told non-Hindi speakers to go to Pakistan.

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The News card, which was released on September 4, was found while visiting the Narathar Media Facebook page to find out if the viral comment made by the BJP youth leader was true. The News card quoted, “If you study Hindi, Tamil will not perish, only DMK will perish.” The photo, including the design, is compatible with the viral image.

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On September 8, Vinoj P Selvam posted a tweet regarding the fake news card on his official Twitter page. Photoshopped News Card has been shared virally as memes on the social networking site.

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