Video of a Dalit youth getting attacked by Hindu men is falsely shared as religious intolerance


Rising trend of mob lynching in India captured on camera as a Hindu mob brutally attacks a Christian. Concerns over communal violence and religious intolerance escalate, the international community must take notice of this situation.

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A person being attacked brutally by a group of men on a road is shared widely with the claim that a Hindu mob is attacking a Christian. The posts also mention it as communal violence and religious intolerance. Posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse searching the keyframes of the viral video we found that the video is old and is from Vadodara where a group of Hindu men attacked a Dalit man.

A video similar to the viral video is found tweeted by ‘The Dalit Voice’ on 22, December 2022 mentioning it as “#MobLynching Dalit youth assaulted by a group of seven persons belonging to an upper caste Hindu in Vadodara while he was sitting with a female friend. #Gujarat”

The Indian Express article dated 23, December 2022 titled ‘Five detained for ‘assaulting’ Dalit youth in Vadodara’ is found carrying a matching visual from the viral video. The article mentions that the victim, 24-year-old Alpesh Parmar (Vankar) was beaten up with a leather belt and sticks.

An article by Newsroom Odisha mentions “Twelve days after a Dalit youth was ruthlessly beaten on road in broad daylight in the Bhayli village of Gujarat’s Vadodara, the police registered a case following a public outcry.”

The article further states that the police approached the victim Alpesh Parmar and persuaded him to file a complaint post which he lodged a complaint against 7 unidentified accused mentioning that they made casteist remarks and then attacked him. And while beating him they were talking about his comment on social media, stated his complaint.


It is found that the claim that a Christian is beaten by a Hindu mob is not true and the incident has nothing to do with communal violence or religious intolerance as claimed. The incident is from December 2022 when a Dalit youth was attacked by a group of 7 Hindu men.

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