The video showing Moulana caught red handed by Hindu activists is actually scripted.


‘Khuda ka Baanda’ Mualana drugs a Hindu woman to ‘treat’ her. He was caught red-handed by Hindu activists. Can’t wait for @aroonpurie’s media to write “Tantrik attacked by Hindutva goons while treating a woman”.

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Several right wing supporters and BJP members having been tweeting this video with a caption that a Maulana was caught red handed when he drugged a Hindu woman in the guise of treating her. This video is used to malign Islamic community by some users and create communal tension.

What’s the truth?

We took the key frames of the video and reverse searched to find the origins of the video. This took us to a right wing Facebook group where the full version of the video was posted by an user named Sheik Aslam on 12th September 2022. The name of the Facebook group, which is in Hindi, translates as “Future Builder of Hindu Rashtra: Hon’ble Modiji”.

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The full video is 11 minutes and 52 seconds long. A small section of that video is cut and spread on social media by right wingers with the claim that a Maulana was caught red handed. Though the full video has similar ring to it, the ending of the video has a disclaimer which states that everything in the video is imaginary. This is a scripted video created by supporters of right wing to propagate their message that Maulanas drug Hindu women and exploit them. This is being shared with a connotation that it is a real incident that was caught on camera. However, we find in our search that this video is entirely scripted. The disclaimer at the end of the video is purposefully limited to a very short amount of time.

Similar attempts were made during the Asia Cup when Pakistan won a cricket match against India. A fake video was spread that some people in Kashmir celebrated Pakistan’s win. We have fact-checked that already. There has been an increase in similar instances of fake news being spread with a malicious intent to create communal violence.


In our fact-check, we find that the video is scripted and staged. The full version of the video has a disclaimer which mentions that everything in the video is imaginary.

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