The video of Navratri Puja in Pakistan’s Hinglaj temple is not a recent one


Durga Puja on Navratri by the Hindu community in Balochistan.

#Balochistan was wrongly occupied by Pakistan.



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A video of people performing puja is doing rounds on social media claiming that it is Durga pooja on this Navratri by Hindu community in Balochistan.

Some of the claims can be seen here, here and here. The video is viral on Youtube also.

What is the truth?

The keyframes of the video are taken and are reverse image searched which displayed the list of webpages that has this video along with the date published.

A Twitter account named ‘Indian Intelligence News’ has posted this video on 24, October 2020.

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When searched with the keywords on Twitter, a few other tweets with the viral video were seen most of which are retweets of tweet from an account named ‘Dr Rekha Maheshwari’. And this tweet dated 23, October 2020 seem to be the oldest place where this viral video was found.

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An article on a website named ‘tekdeeps’ has mentioned about the pooja and the viral video tweeted by Dr Shakeel Ahmad.

Hinglaj Mata temple is a famous Hindu shrine in Balochistan, Pakistan. Another Hinglaj Mata temple is located in Rajasthan where it is claimed that the government recently banned puja.

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Tarun Vijay, Former MP called for protest with a tweet claiming that the Congress government banned any religious activities in the temple. He also tweeted the Police order.

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Rajasthan Police official Twitter page has tweeted that the claim of ban on entering the temple is baseless. There is no restriction on worship and entry in Hinglaj temple situated in Rajasthan.

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The viral video claiming that it is a video of 2022 Navratri puja in Hinglaj temple, in Pakistan’s Balochistan is an old video from the year 2020.

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