Can a combination of black seeds, clove and papaya leaf extract cure HIV?


Home remedy for HIV virus – black seed, clove, papaya leaf.

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Multiple home remedies for all diseases across the world are being shared by many on social media platforms. Home remedies for deadly diseases like cancer and AIDS are also being shared widely. One such post claims that the combination of black seeds and clove can cure HIV. Another post mentioned that black seed and clove along with papaya leaf water can cure HIV.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found that none of the home remedies can cure HIV. The ‘Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’ Government website mentions that there is no cure for HIV as of this writing but the treatments can just control it.

The treatment for HIV, antiretroviral therapy (ART) involves taking a combination of medicines every day. The government website on ‘HIV info’ mentions that the treatment cannot cure HIV but helps people with HIV live longer and healthier.

Some studies suggest that there are possible therapeutic agents in Black seed that may effectively control HIV infection. The study mentioned “It was concluded that the sustained sero-reversion induced by Nigella sativa (black seed) concoction in this HIV patient means that all HIV cells at all stages in infected cells in the body must have been lysed. Therefore, there is a need to further study more HIV patients on Nigella sativa therapy and its virucidal effect on this pandemic virus.”

Papaya leaf extract has the presence of several bio constituents of enriched anti-oxidant properties. A study mentions that there is very limited research available on the distinctive constituents of C. papayaand P. guajava that have shown any antiviral effects.

One of the studies mentions that the therapeutic use of cloves in traditional medicine has experimentally proven activity against different types of viruses. But no study suggests that it can cure HIV when it is consumed separately or taken along with black seed and papaya leaf extract.

Dr.Praveen answered Youturn when asked about this, that nothing including papaya leaf extract, black seed, or clove can cure HIV.


It is found that none of the home remedies cure HIV as of this writing but the treatment may effectively control HIV infection in some cases.

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