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Honour killing in Hyderabad shared with false communal spin


A hindu man DJ Deverakonda Harish (28), brutally stabbed to death by his Muslim Wife’s family member after 10 days of inter-faith marriage.

NYT times would call this Religious Extremism of Hindus who incited violence in the minority community.

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An image of a person is shared widely on Twitter with the claim that a Hindu man DJ Deverakonda Harish (28) was brutally stabbed to death by his Muslim Wife’s family member after 10 days of inter-faith marriage. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

The claim is being shared in English and Hindi languages. The posts in Hindi reads “तेलांगना के हरीश नाम केयुवक को मुस्लिम युवती से शादी करना पड़ा भारी, लड़की के परिवारवालों ने चाकू घोंपघोंप कर की हरीश की हत्या।

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords on Twitter, we found a reply tweet to the viral post by the ‘Petbasheerabad Police Station’ Twitter page mentioning that the claim is fake. The reply tweet further mentions that both the husband and wife belong to the Hindu community and not the Muslim community.

With further search, The Hindu article dated 5, March 2023 is found mentioning that a 22-year-old youth Harish, who was working as a DJ sound system operator, was killed by his wife Manisha’s brother Deen Dayal for eloping with his sister. The article mentions that Petbasheerabad police arrested the accused Deen Dayal along with nine others who helped him in the crime.

The article reported the names of the nine people arrested as Trimukhe Naresh, Potlacheruvu Venkatesh Goud, Kalibhavaniwale Rohith Singh, Gaddam Akshay Kumar, Parwary Aniketh, Koyalkar Manish, Bure Sainath, Mathangi Rajendra Kumar, and Gouti Navanitha. And another suspect, Banda Venkat, is still at large.

The Times of India article reported that Harish was from Suraram and belonged to the Scheduled Caste community, and Manisha from Jiyaguda is from a Backward Classes community.


It is found from our search that a Hindu man named Harish was killed by his Hindu brother-in-law in Hyderabad which is the case of honour killing but is falsely claimed as he was stabbed to death by his Muslim wife’s brother 10 days after their inter-faith marriage.


Here’s a list of several other instances of Muslims wrongly accused of crimes committed by Hindus/Non-Muslim.

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