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The image of an edlerly who was chained to the hospital is not the late Stan Swamy!


Meanwhile, a photo of an elderly man being chained to a hospital bed has been touted as the late Stan Swamy has gone viral on social media.

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Born in Trichy, Stan Swamy is a Christian pastor more importantly a human rights activist who has voiced for the rights of tribals & oppressed people in Ranchi, Jharkhand.He was arrested under UAPA law and was undergoing medical treatment. Stan Swamy died at the hospital on July 5 in a critical condition. Many political party leaders and social media users are mourning his death.

What’s the truth ?

A reverse image search of the photo reveals that in May 2021, a prison official was suspended for chaining a 92-year-old prisoner to his hospital bed during treatment in Uttar Pradesh’s Etta district.

The photo which has gone viral is a reference to the murder case prisoner Baburam Singh. Baburam Singh’s photo as a 92-year-old prisoner has been featured in several news outlets, including India Today.

Conclusion :

In our search, the person in the photo who was chained to the hospital bed was not the late Stan Swamy. The man in the photo is 92-year-old Baburam Singh. It is learned that the photo was taken in Uttar Pradesh

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