This article is from May 20, 2021

Did H. Raja challenge to arrest Jaggi Vasudev if possible?


An obvious challenge to the Tamil Nadu government and Stalin on behalf of millions of Hindus. If you have the courage, look at Sri Satguru ji and arresting them. Only beyond us can you approach Him. Do not disturb the faith of Hindus – H. Raja

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After the DMK took responsibility for taking action against the Coimbatore Isha Center and Jaggi Vasudev for alleged irregularities, various demands could be seen coming up on social media. According to reports, Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Thiagarajan had said in an interview that action would be taken against Jaggi Vasudev sooner or later.

In this context, the post is being shared on social media that H. Raja of the BJP has challenged on his Facebook page to arrest Jaggi Vasudeva if possible. The post has been circulating on DMK supporters’ Facebook pages.

Fact Check:

When we searched H.Raja Twitter and Facebook pages and came to know that no post has been published for the last few days. There is no such record. You can see that the sequence of characters alaignment in the viral tweet screenshot is not correct.

Facebook link

On May 10, H. Raja wrote on his Facebook page, “The first anti-Hindu act of the anti-Hindu government. The attempt to appoint a jeear is the greatest anarchy. Will the courage to appoint a Cardinal Archbishop to come to these Hindu enemies? There seems to be no other option other than protest on the streets. ”

Comparing this to the viral tweet screenshot, it is clear that this post is being edited.

Speaking about Tamil Nadu Finance Minister Jaggi Vasudev, Gayatri Raghuram of the Tamil Nadu BJP said on her Twitter page, “Tamil Nadu Finance Minister PTR Palanivel Thiagarajan blames Jaggi Vasudev for threatening to protect the property of Hindu temples.

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In our search, it is learned that the post was spread that BJP leader H. Raja had challenged the Tamil Nadu government and MK Stalin to arrest Jaggi Vasudeva if possible is a fake tweet.

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