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Did H. Raja worship the idol of Muthuramalingam? | Rumor has it that the Brahmin Association thanked him!


The Tamil Nadu Brahmins’ Association (Thambaras) has praised Mr. H. Raja for defending the pride of the Brahmin group by not bowing down to a person born of a lower caste than the Brahmins.





On October 30, Muthuramalingam Devar Jayanthi was honoured by various political parties in the village of Pasumpon. A photo has gone viral on a social networking site saying that the Tamil Nadu Brahmin Sangam had thanked H. Raja for placing a flower ring on him as he was not the only one to pay homage to the idol of Lord Muthuramalingam while the Tamil Nadu BJP was worshipping it.

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OneIndia Tamil website, “H.Raja who did not worship Muthuramalinga Thevar – A photo in the name of-Brahmin Sangam prised H.Raja” news was published under this headline, but that news is currently being deleted.

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Youturn followers are constantly being asked us to comment on the authenticity of the viral photo.

Fact Check:

It is misinformation to say that H. Raja did not worship the idol of Muthuramalingam. They have misrepresented him by using the photo of his hand holding on the flower ring.

H. Raja has posted a photo of himself worshipping the idol of Muthuramalingam on his Twitter page after hearing rumours about him.

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H. Raja has also posted on his Twitter and Facebook page that the photo spread by the Tamil Nadu Brahmins Association thanking H. Raja was a fake.

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H.Raja’s Twitter and Facebook pages have posted that OneIndia Tamil should apologize for publishing false news. Following this, the OneIndia Tamil website has also deleted the message.



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