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Human slingshot video is an old ad campaign !


Journey to heaven

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A video clip showing a person being shot from a slingshot towards the sky where three others are seen watching the shot is shared on Twitter and mentioned as the journey to heaven. The video was shared in 2016 and resurfaced now.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found that the video is shot for promotional purposes. A website ‘ads of the world’ published the extended version of the video including the details about it. It is mentioned that the professional campaign titled ‘Human slingshot’ was published in the United Arab Emirates in September 2016. It was created for the brand Careem, by an ad agency, Misfits Content Creators from Dubai, and produced by Montage TV Production.

India Today published an article on this video on 21, September 2016 with the title ‘Flying man prank: Viral human catapult video is actually an advertisement.’

Khaleej Times published on 20, September 2016 mentioned that the transportation technology company Careem has taken credit for a widely shared viral video showing a man being shot off the top of a building using a massive slingshot.

Careem published the full-length video on its Youtube channel with the title ‘Careem human slingshot stunt in Dubai revealed’ on 19, September 2016. The description part reads “You got punked Careem-style! Come on, we had to launch new logo and re-brand with a BANG! 😉 But seriously now, our message to you is: when you believe anything is possible, your crazy ideas can change the world! Welcome to Careem 2.0 😉 #yallaletsGO”


It is found that the human slingshot video is a promotional video for the brand Careem and was shot in Dubai.

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