Hyderabad and Telangana Police have clarified that the video is from 2022 and unrelated to ongoing 2024 elections

The man seen continously pressing the EVM button video is from WB municipal elections


Madhavi Lata ji, this is the video where a man is continuously pressing the EVM button, @Kompella_MLatha

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The seven phases of the 2024 Indian general elections are scheduled from April 19, 2024, to June 1, 2024. The outcome of the vote-counting procedure will be released to the public on June 4, 2024. The Lok Sabha election’s first four rounds are already finished. The two major parties are running strong campaigns in the current election.

In this instance, a 1-minute, 27-second video is posted, in which a man is seen standing close to the polling place. We observe that he is engaging in some foul play and has been standing there for a while. This post is shared with a claim stating, “This is the video where a man is continuously pressing the EVM button.” The same viral clip was shared by another user stating, “Hyderabad:- Booth capturing by Owaisi workers. All of you please share this as much as possible and then let’s see what action the Election Commission takes on this. Open Hooliganism.” You can view the claim post here.

What’s the truth?

We began our study by searching Google for pertinent keywords and viral keyframes. This directed us to a February 27, 2022, TV9 Bangla YouTube video.

This video is captioned “WB Municipal Election 2022 | Voter No. 108 of Ward No. 33 of South Dum Dum did not vote, the agent voted.” Also when we checked the description box it read “Voting for Ward No. 33 of South Dum Dum Municipality is going on at Lakeview School. The agent himself stopped the voters and pressed the button on the EVM.” This means the viral video is old.

Using it as a hint, we conducted additional research and discovered a tweet from Telangana’s chief electoral officer on May 15, 2024. The post is captioned An OLD video purportedly depicting rigging during Parliament elections in Telangana is being circulated on WhatsApp. The video is NOT from Telangana. For more facts, please review the press note – CEO Telangana.” For clarification, a press release has been included in the tweet.

Likewise, we also found another tweet by the Hyderabad City Police denying these rumors. They labeled this viral video’s screengrab as fake. Also, the post is captioned as “A circulating video purportedly depicting rigging at a polling station in Bahadurpura, Hyderabad is OLD Video & unrelated to current Loksabha Elections 2024. It Originating from a YouTube channel, TV9 Bangla, on February 27, 2022. Posting fake videos makes you liable to legal action.”

With allegations that it is from the Gujarat elections, this video clip became viral in 2022. You may read the article we wrote about it here.

All this information confirms that the video in circulation is old and unrelated to the ongoing 2024 Lok Sabha elections.


We, therefore, conclude that the viral video’s assertion that a man is seen repeatedly pressing the EVM button during the Telangana and Hyderabad elections is incorrect and misleading. The video is actually from West Bengal’s municipal elections that happened in 2022.

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