This article is from Jan 30, 2021

Photoshopped image of Idumbavanam Karthik joining the Panangattu Padai Party!




Professor Kalyanasundaram, who is well known in the Naam Tamilar party, joined the AIADMK and lawyer Rajiv joined the DMK. Following this, criticisms arose that everyone in the NTK party members would switch to the other party one by one.

Meanwhile, Savukku Shankar shared a photo of Karthik with Hari Nadar on his Twitter page, claiming that Idumbavanam Karthik, who belongs to the Naam Tamilar Party and participates in media debates on behalf of the party, has joined the Panangattu Padai Party.

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It is not known whether Savukku Shankar posted the photoshopped picture of Karthik along with Hari Nadar for teasing or unknowingly.


Harri Nadar shared a photo on his Twitter page on December 24 to wish him a Merry Christmas, someone picked up that photo and edited like this. Also, Idumbavanam Karthi has been sharing and criticizing the Savukku Shankar’s post on his Twitter page.

Twitter link | Archive link 

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