Image of INS Sindhurakshak that sank is 2013 is shared as recent.


Modi cronyism has started to show its ugly face…. Now after #CoromandelExpressAccident a submarine has sunk owing to sub standard equipment and technology supplied by @narendramodi cronies from Gujarat

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An image is circulating on social media (Twitter) mentioning the phrase that due to the cronyism of Modi, an Indian Navy submarine met with an accident and sank following the recent devasting train accident in Odisha.

What is the truth?

The image was posted on social media claiming that due to the cronyism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Indian Navy Submarine (INS) Sindhurakshak has been exploded and sank following the train accident in Odisha which happened on June 2, 2023 Friday.

By carrying out the reverse image search, and with further keyword search, we found the article links including The Economic Times, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, The Deccan Herald, India Today, NDTV news dated 2013 reporting about the incident related to the viral claim.

Considering the Economic Times Article with the headline “Submarine INS Sindhurakshak sinks after blasts; shows sub-par naval abilities” which was published on August 15, 2013, the incident is found to have happened in 2013.

The image which is circulating on social media is falsely claimed as recent as the image is the screenshot from the article about the Indian Navy Submarine Sindhurakshak which was blasted and sank in 2013.

Moreover, the image is nowhere linked with the devasting Odisha train incident which happened on June 2, 2023. Where INS Sindhurakshak blast occurred in 2013 and during that period  Prime Minister was Manmohan Singh and not Narendra Modi.


Therefore from the above-explained details it is found that the screenshot shared on social media was falsely claimed as a recent incident after the Odisha train accident, but the image is actually from 2013.

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