Congress social media pages share an image of a person with Modi claiming as Oreva’s owner


The man who got the contract to repair and maintain the #MorbiBridge is also a Modi crony…

Only those who pay upfront via election bonds and cash, get business from the Modi Govt. The going rate is reportedly 40%.

It’s more than just criminal


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The Morbi bridge collapsed recently and several allegations are linked to the incident. In this context, Congress pages and supporters seem to share an image of a person with PM Modi on social media claiming that it is Mr.Odhav Patel, owner of Oreva who was given crores worth tender of Morbi Bridge repair and maintenance. Several social media handles including the official Twitter accounts of Odisha and Rajasthan Youth Congress have shared the image with the above-mentioned claims. Some of the other posts are linked here, here, and here.

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What is the truth?

Morbi bridge renovation and maintenance was privatized in March 2022. The contract was given to the Oreva group, which is famous for its wall clocks and bulbs. It was founded by Odhavji Raghavji Patel.

The Facebook page ‘Oreva Calculators’ posted a photo of Odhavji Raghavji Patel on 24, June 2020 describing as ‘Oreva Family Salutes The Spirit of Shri Odhavji Raghavji Patel on his birthday & Pledges to uphold his adventure and action plan of success always!’

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A ‘Livemint’ article dated 19, October 2012 published Odhavji Raghavji Patel’s photograph mentioning that the Father of wall clocks died at 87.

The original image of Odhavji Raghavji Patel and the image claimed to be the owner of the Oreva group differ. When reverse searching the viral image, it is found that the same picture was used as a display picture of the Twitter account of Raghavji Patel, Cabinet Minister of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in the Government of Gujarat.

With further search, it is found that the picture of Raghavji Patel and Modi is an old one and can be seen published on the ‘Patrika’ website on 14, October 2021, along with another image of both of them at the same place.


This particular image shared by Congress pages and supporters with a claim that Modi is with Odhav Patel, owner of Oreva group is false.

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