Incident of a girl slitting her own hand is shared with a twisted ‘love jihad’ claim.


A Hindu girl from Delhi Indrapuri was roaming with a Muslim boy from Pahadganj, there was a rift between them and the boy cut the vein of the girl’s wrist… Another Jihadi act by Jihadis inside Delhi came to the fore.

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A video showing a boy caught and questioned by the public is shared widely on social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook. The video also shows the bleeding hand of a girl that shows slit marks on it. It is claimed that the Muslim boy slit the girl’s hand mentioning it as ‘love jihad’. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found a tweet by a Journalist, Sachin Gupta. This tweet carries the viral video by mentioning that Delhi Police said after an investigation that the girl from Ghaziabad had come to Delhi to meet her friend. Then the girl’s father came there. Seeing him, the girl hurt herself. Neither any crime has been committed, nor the girl’s family has made any complaint about this.

An article on Jargan covered this incident with the title “Delhi: The girl cut her wrist after an argument with the boy”. A girl slit her wrist after an argument with a Muslim boy in Delhi’s Paharganj area. After the girl slit her wrist, the local people caught hold of the boy and started questioning him.

According to the police, the girl is a resident of Ghaziabad and had come to the Paharganj area after getting angry with her family members. She met the boy whom she knew already. He informed about this to her father and argument was raised between them after which the girl slit her wrist.

At present, the police is probing the matter. Also, so far no such thing has come to light in the case that the girl was assaulted by the boy. Police said that the incident took place on June 7, and no allegations were made against the boy by the girl or her father.


It is found that the claim that the girl’s wrist was cut by a Muslim boy is false. The girl cut her wrist by herself after an argument with the boy seen in the viral video.

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