Fake video claims Arab Sheiks celebrating India’s victory in Cricket !


Arabs celebrating India’s victory over Pakistan in a cricket match and they express their joy by hugging and dancing around.

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Asia Cup 2022 is being held in Dubai. India and Pakistan competed on 28th August 2020 and India won the last over thriller as Hardik Pandya hit a six with 2 balls to spare.

A video is being spread on social media that as soon as Hardik Pandya hit the six, a few Arabian Sheiks started dancing around in joy and celebrated India’s victory.

What’s the truth?

With a reverse image search of the keyframes in the video, we can find that this video is from Kuwait during the 2020 Amir Cup, a club level Football tournament.

Amir Cup 2019-2020 finals was held on 21 September 2020 in Kuwait. As the football club “Al-Arabi” won over another club from Kuwait, the owners and office bearers of the club were joyous and celebrated their team’s victory.

A video can be found in a post dated 22 September 2020 by a Twitter user named Khalaf Enezi. In addition to that, a Kuwait-based football site ‘Goalna’ has shared the video on its Twitter page on the same day.


The video circulating with a claim that Arabs are celebrating India’s win over Pakistan in the ongoing Asia Cup 2022 is fake. A 2020 video taken in Kuwait and a clip from the India-Pakistan clash in Asia Cup are edited together and is being spread with a false claim that Arabs are celebrating India’s win over Pakistan.

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