Video of a Lake from China is spread as water highway in India !


“Incredible India. I found the most beautiful water highway in India.

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Norway’s former environment minister, Erik Solheim, shared a 13-second video on his Twitter page, “Incredible India, I finally encountered the most beautiful water highway.” Now, this video is going viral on social media.

What is the truth?

On September 2, Erik Solheim shared a post from the Twitter page of Home Stay & Villas and called it “Incredible India”.

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Searching the keyframes from a video of the entire highway being submerged in water, there was a news published on May 2021 on the website “”, captioning the picture as ‘vehicles cruise along road overflowed by Poyang lake water’.

It can be seen that the places featured in the pictures and the viral video are the same. When searching for the highway at Poyang Lake in China, a similar video as the viral video can be seen on the Facebook page of China’s People’s Daily in May 2021.

Prior to this, Erik Solheim had also posted a false video claiming it as a herbal plant Oodhu Pavai.

Conclusion :

In our search for the water highway in India, it is found that the video is not from India but is Poyang lake in China.

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