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Is the video released by India as an attack on Pakistan was an old video of Syria?




Nine people, including four Indian soldiers, were killed in an ambush by Pakistani troops on the border with Jammu and Kashmir. In retaliation, India launched attacks on Pakistani military bunkers. Videos of the Indian attack were released by the military and in the news.

In it, the English-language news outlet NDTV released a 5-second video titled “Video of Pakistan destroying bunkers by 3 rockets sent by India”.

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However, many Indians on social networking sites, including Twitter, have accused NDTV of posting a fake video of the attack, not a video of India’s attack on Pakistan, but a screenshot of a terrorist attack in Syria in 2019. Also, people from Pakistan are sharing the same screenshot, including on Twitter, that India has released a fake video.

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The video alleging that the Indian Army released a fake video like this is not a fake. Posted by India Syria Video from Viral Screenshot ”+18 | Battles for Syria | June 9th 2019 | Jihadists attack Al Qasabiyah, South Idlib province. ”

But, when we look at the full video we got, parts of the video released by India are not featured anywhere in it. They have taken a photo from the video released by India and the title of the video in Syria and spread the Photoshopped image.

Those who spread rumors that Syria has released a video on the Indian side are only sharing the screenshot, not the video.

Chinar corps – The official Twitter page of the Indian army has released the video released by NDTV. However, a 25-second video has been released. In the 25 second video you can see 3 missiles attacking.

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In our search, the video of the attack by India on Pakistani bunkers was a fake screenplay that was spreading as it happened in Syria was a false one. While searching for the video released by the Indian Army using the Invid tool, there is no data that the video has been released before. The video released by the Indian side is rumoured to be fake.

This video has been released on behalf of the Indian Army. It is learned that the Indians are also spreading the screenshot shared by the Pakistanis that India has released a fake video.


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