This article is from Nov 28, 2020

Rumor has it that the photo of TMMK leader Jawahirullah has been featured in India Today!




Photo of Prof. MH Jawahirullah, Leader of the TMMK Party. A photo has been shared on social networking sites including Facebook and WhatsApp, with a cover story by India Today Tamil Weekly titled “Service Politics – Resurrection Democracy”. Followers are being asked us to comment on its authenticity.

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Jawaharlal, the leader of the TMMK and Ramanathapuram constituency MLA during the 2011-16 term. The rumour spreading as the cover page of India Today’s Tamil Weekly Magazine mentions May 27, 2015. However, in February 2015, it was reported that the weekly magazine was discontinued which was published in languages ​​including Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam.

The cover photo of India Today magazine has been circulating for the past 5 years. Also, in 2015, TMMK leader Jawahirullah also posted a cover story on his Facebook page and mentioned it as a fake one.

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On his Facebook page on May 27, 2015, he said, “The news about me being featured on the cover of India Today is a graphics hoax. The Tamil edition of India Today was discontinued in February. Someone is deliberately spreading the card news fakely This news card message is not true. No one should share this unnecessary rumour. ”


In our search, the viral photo was photoshopped as India Today Tamil weekly magazine published an article with a cover photo about TMMK leader Jawahirullah. It is learned that this fake photo has been shared on the social networking site for the last 5 years.

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