Indian army jawan fabricated a story to become famous using the name ‘PFI’.


In a shocking incident, a serving soldier of Bharat’s Army, S Kumar was mercilessly beaten by the terrorists of PFI organisation in Kollam district, Kerala. The Jihadis further wrote PFI on the back of our Soldier S Kumar. It is high time the Communist government in Kerala cracked down ruthlessly against these Terrorists.

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The central government banned the Popular Front of India (PFI) and its sister organisations in September 2022. Yesterday, on 26, September 2023, multiple media channels including NDTV, Times Now, Mirror Now, Mint and India Today reported that an Indian army jawan was attacked by the PFI terrorists and was painted ‘PFI’ on his back.

The same is amplified by multiple right-wing supporters on their social media handles. A video of the army jawan showing ‘PFI’ painted on his back is viral with the same claim. Some of the posts with the same claim can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with relevant keywords we found that the police investigated and unveiled that the army jawan framed the story to become famous. The Madhyamam English media reported that Shine Kumar (35), a jawan was working in the Indian Army in Rajasthan. He is in Kerala for his vacation now.

He recently alleged that he was taken away to a nearby forest and beaten by a group of individuals on 24, September 2023. He also claimed that the group tore his shirt and wrote ‘PFI’ on his back with green paint. He raised a complaint on the issue. The police investigated and found that the entire incident was framed by him to become famous. Shine Kumar’s friend, Joshy admitted that he painted ‘PFI’ on Shine Kumar’s back, stated the article.

Twenty Four News reported that the complaint on the name PFI painted by the members of banned organisation PFI is found to be false as it was painted by Shine Kumar’s friend Joshy. The hands and mouth of Shine Kumar were bound with packing tape and the t-shirt was torn. The paint and the packing tape used were found in Joshy’s house. The statement is found to be made under the influence of alcohol. Further investigation is in progress.

News9live reported that Shine asked Joshy to beat and drag him and paint ‘PFI’ on his back. The policemen found that the incident was plotted by Shine when Joshy confessed to Kadakkal police that he painted it at Shine’s request. Joshy said that he purchased the paint and tape from Chirayinkeezhu. “He said he wanted to become famous,” said Joshy.

The article further states “He asked me to paint PFI. I heard DFI and wrote that. Then he asked me to erase it and write PFI. He then asked whether I could beat him. I couldn’t do that in that condition (apparently under the influence of alcohol). They said he would lie down and asked me to drag him. I couldn’t even do that due to his weight,” Joshy confessed to the police. The article featured a couple of videos of Joshy’s statements. The same is also reported by 24 News Youtube channel.


It is found that the incident of ‘PFI’ painted on an army jawan’s back is a mere fabricated story as per the police investigation. It is said that he did it as he wanted to become famous.

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