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Did the bottled “Sena Jal” water sell to help the Army family?


Bisleri and Aquafina are foreign companies selling bottled water. Our money is flowing out of the country. Ask Sena Jal (Army Water) while travelling. It is available everywhere. Even if it is cheap.

Army Wives Welfare Association of Indian Veterans ”started by Madhulika Rawat, wife of General Vipin Rawat. A half litre of this bottle costs Rs 6 and a 1-litre bag costs Rs 10. The money is used for the families of soldiers who sacrificed their lives in the Indian Army and for the education of their children.

The military has no money for advertising quality on television and in the print media and also due to its low price. Jai Hind..! 



In the last few days, it has been reported that bottled water is being made available at low prices everywhere, except for bottled water from foreign companies, to help the families of military personnel by purchasing a bottle of water called “Sena Jal” (Army Water) which is being launched and sold by the Army Wives Welfare Association of India. This post is being shared by thousands of social media users.

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In January 2018, several Indian media outlets reported that the Army Wives Welfare Association of India had started an attempt to manufacture and sell bottled water called Sena Jal. The proceeds are said to be used to help the wives of soldiers who lost their husbands in the war and to the families of soldiers.

According to the website of the Army Veterans Welfare Association (AWWA), the Sena Jal water bottle initiative was launched on October 17, 2017 by the families of Indian Army veterans. However, no details were given about the sale of these water bottles. Distribution locations, no information as distributors.

In 2019, a video has been released on AWWA’s YouTube channel about giving coins like Rs 5 and Rs 10 and getting a bottle of “Sena Jal” through an automatic machine. But there are no details on where it is being sold. No information or news has been released as to where the Sena Jal water bottle is available after the launch.

In a news release in Hindi on February 18, 2018, News said, “Army Water in Viral Records was launched last year. But, not for public use, you can not go to the market and buy a bottle of Army water. It is for military use. Not for sale to the public. ”


In our search, it is true that the Army Water Bottles Initiative called Sena Jal was started in 2017 by the Army Wives Welfare Association of India. But, there is no information that it came for the use of the general public. In that regard, there is no information on the part of AWWA. You can learn that you can not expect a bottle of Sena water from wherever you go.

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