Photograph of Pakistani protests spreads as Indian Muslims burn the national flag!


Born in this land, living in this country and enjoying all the benefits that Bharat has brought, the flag of the motherland cannot be burned by a true citizen.



The photo has gone viral on social media, claiming that Indian Muslims burned the Indian national flag demanding the arrest of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma, who spoke controversially about the Prophet.

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What is the truth?

When reverse searching the photo, it was posted on the AB News website, mentioning that the Indian national flag was burnt during the June 9 protest against India in Pakistan.

The article mentions that the Indian flag was burned during a protest by Islamic organizations in Lahore, Pakistan, condemning the controversial comments about Islam and the Prophet, and that the photo was taken by a photographer for the AB News site. The banner in the photo features the name of the organization “Ulama-e-nizamia pak”.

Al Jazeera reports on the protests in several countries against Nupur Sharma’s speech including the viral photo which was taken during the Pakistan protest.


False information is being spread that Indian Muslims are burning the national flag demanding the arrest of BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma with a picture taken during the June 9 Pakistani protest.

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