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Tamil Nadu BJP uses US ship image for Indian Navy Day!


04 December Indian Navy Day – BJP Tamil Nadu

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December 4 is celebrated as the National Naval Day of India. The photo shared on the official Twitter page of the Tamil Nadu BJP on December 4, 2020, congratulating Naval Day, is not a photo of a ship owned by the Indian Navy.

The photo of the warship has been shared during Indian Navy Day since 2015. A photo of the ship was found in a reverse image search on May 7, 2009 at entitled “Navy taking steps to move toward illegal warfare”. This is a US Navy warship.

The photo also appeared in a collection of US Navy photos posted on When Livefist, a website that publishes security news, shared a similar photo on the Congress Party’s Twitter page in 2019, they tweeted that it was America’s Freedom Class Literal Combat Ship.

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The BJP leadership tweeted in 2017 on its Twitter page and the Twitter page of Doordarshan News in 2019 tweeted the same photo. Similarly, many political leaders and social media users have been using the photo of the American ship.

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