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Did the Indian Oil name turn into Adani Gas in BJP regime?




A photo of a nameplate placed at a petrol station claiming that the company, which was Indian Oil during the Congress rule, has become the Indian Oil-Adani Gas under the BJP regime, has gone viral on social media.

Fact Check:

A search of Indian Oil-Adani gas a website revealed details about that Indian Oil-Adani Gas Pvt.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited a joint venture with private companies, it was mentioned that Adani is involved in urban gas distribution projects in a joint venture with Gas Limited. It was also learned that ICICI Bank is in a joint venture with several private companies.

However, the joint venture between Indian Oil and the Adani case has not happened recently under the BJP regime.

According to the Energy Economic Times in 2019, Indian Oil-Adani Gas Pvt.

During the Congress rule, the Indian Oil-Adani Gas Joint Venture was formed on October 4, 2013. Details of the joint venture with Indian Oil during the Adani case trip have been published in the company’s media department.

Indian Oil-Adani Gas, a joint venture, has been operating gas supply schemes in cities across several states in India. The photo of the gas station featuring the company’s name is currently going viral.


In our search, the joint venture Indian Oil-Adani Gas was not established during the BJP rule. It was launched in 2013 under the Congress-led rule. It is learned that Indian Oil is part of a joint venture with several private companies.

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