Indians in Iraq for the Arabeen walk event are falsely shared as Palestines escaping Israel


The Muslims and Musalli of Palestine are leaving Palestine using the tricolor because Israel is not killing these terrorists after seeing the tricolor.

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In the 16-second viral clip, we see many burqa-clad Muslim women wrapping the Indian flag around them and walking along the road. We also see one person holding the Indian tricolor flag high with a pole among the crowd.

This video is shared with a claim stating that ‘the Muslims of Palestine are leaving using the tricolor because Israel is not killing these terrorists after seeing the tricolor.’ This same post is shared widely on social media with similar claims that can be seen here, here, here, and here.Come let’s check the authenticity of this claim.

What’s the truth?

When we started our research using the relevant keywords, we found that the same video was uploaded by a user namely, falak_haq120 on 31 August 2023 in his Instagram handle. The video was captioned “Arabeen walk 2023.”

One thing is very clear that, the video is old and from 31 August whereas the Hamas-Israel attack started from 7 October 2023. So this video is no way related to the ongoing war between Israel and Palestine.

When we searched with the word ‘Arabeen’ using the Google, we came to know that it’s a pilgrimage done by Iraq Muslims annualy. According to the report of Aljazeera published on the 7 September, titled as, ‘Arbaeen, one of the world’s largest annual pilgrimages in Iraq’ this annual event sees millions of pilgrims from around the world gather in Karbala for the Arbaeen commemoration.”

This proves that the viral video is from the above Arabeen walk event from Iraq and has no links with the war between Israel and Palestine. In reality, it is an important day for Shia Muslims and some faiths across the world who mark it with a pilgrimage to the shrine of Hussain in Karbala, Iraq, commemorating the death anniversary of Hussain Ali.

This same ‘Arabeen walk’ news was also covered by NDTV titled as, “World’s Largest Annual Pilgrimage Ends In Iraq, 2.5 Crore Shia Muslims Take Part.” According to the article, ‘Over one lakh Shia Muslims from India had travelled to Karbala for Arbaeen, which means ‘forty’ and signifies the forty-day mourning period to be observed after someone’s death.’

This again solidifies the truth that, the video is from the Arabeen walk participated by Indians and has no connections to the current Palestine-Israel war.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral clip claims that the Muslims of Palestine are leaving using the tricolor flag because Israel is not killing these terrorists after seeing the tricolor is a false narrative. In reality, that video is from an annual event, the ‘Arabeen Walk’ which took place in Iraq and was participated by the Indians.

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