Sarcastic post on people passing through a pipe is from Mumbai, not Bangalore.


India’s first hyperloop opened at Bellandur !!

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A 29-second video of people driving their two-wheelers on the wrong side in a pipe kept on the roadside is widely shared on Twitter with the caption “India’s first hyperloop”. Some of the pedestrians are also seen walking through the big pipes amid the vehicles. This video is shared as India’s first hyperloop in Bangalore’s Bellandur. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When watching the video closely, a watermark ‘vishu_bhoir1111’ is found on it. When searching for the watermark, an Instagram profile of Vishvajeet R. Bhoir is found. The viral video is seen posted a few days back on his page mentioning it as a ‘Bhiwandi-Kalyan’ hyperloop with laughter emoticons. The post is also found tagging the ‘Bhiwandi’ Instagram page. Bhiwandi is located in Maharashtra’s Thane district.


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With further search, News 18 article is found carrying matching visual from the viral video. The article titled “Desi alternative to ‘Hyperloop’ leaves internet in splits” published on 26, April 2023 mentions that the incident took place in Thane.

It is reported that bike riders passed through big pipes kept on the roadside on the wrong side due to traffic congestion. The article says “While India’s first hyperloop project still may be a few years away, Mumbaikar seems to have found an alternative.”

A Twitter user with the username ‘aivalli’ shared a tweet of Santanu Bhattacharya that carries the viral video mentioning that “bullet train and hyperloop have converged”. Santanu Bhattacharya mentioned it as “India’s first Hyperloop inaugurated in Shilpata, Thane, a Mumbai suburb, this evening” with a laughing emoticon. This video is shared as India’s first hyperloop and as a bullet train for fun. However, some of the users have shared thinking it to be true.


It is found that a video of people passing through a big pipe kept on the roadside is sarcastically shared as India’s first hyperloop. It is to be noted that the video is from Mumbai but is shared as Bangalore’s Bellandur.

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