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Was DMK the first political party to initiate a youth wing in India ?


DMK is the first political party to introduce its youth wing on 20th July 1980 in India.

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Many of the DMK supporters are sharing a piece of information on social media that the DMK youth wing was formed on July 20. Additional information along with it that DMK was the first political party to form a youth wing way back in July 1980 is also being shared.

It can be seen in the past few years that whenever youth wing team formation details are shared, the claim of being the first to introduce it is also being shared. Hence, we decided to fact-check the same.

What is the truth?

Certainly, political parties shape up teams including a team for the youth members of their party. But DMK is not the first party to come up with a youth team. National political parties like Indian Congress has introduced the youth wing even before DMK forms it.

Indian Youth Congress website states that the shaping of the Youth Congress flag, logo took place from 1950 onwards. And it also states that from 1965 they took a direct political role, especially against the right-wing reactionary forces.

An India Today article dated 15th September 1978 states, “Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Janata MP, is believed to have decided to quit the Janata Yuva Morcha, an RSS-run organization claiming to be the youth wing of the ruling party”.

When DMK framed their environment wing, a similar allegation claiming that DMK is the first party to introduce such a team which is not true was shared widely.


It is certain from our search that National political parties started their youth wings right before the DMK party starts one. Hence, DMK is not the first political party to start a youth wing.

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