No, Indira Gandhi is not eating seafood in the image, but roasted corn.


Dattatreya Janeudhari Brahmin’s grandmother enjoying seafood.

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An image of Indira Gandhi is shared to claim that she is eating seafood being a Brahmin. This image went viral in 2021 with the same claim and can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When reverse-searching the viral image we found an article in The Hindu dated September 2017. This article reported the death of veteran photographer Sridhar Naidu. The viral image is one of the photographs clicked by Sridhar Naidu and hence it was featured in the article. The image is captioned as “Former prime minister Indira Gandhi digging heartily into maize corn” and is credited to Sridhar Naidu.

When watching the image closely we can see Indira Gandhi eating roasted corn and the same is also seen served in a couple of other plates on the same table. However, she is not a vegetarian. In one of the articles on the Dailyo website, excerpts from the book “The Unseen Indira Gandhi: Through Her Physician’s Eyes” by KP Mathur included, “Indira Gandhi’s menu was generally vegetarian food, but sometimes some well-flavoured Kashmiri non-vegetarian dishes were also included.”

“Once, in Murshidabad in West Bengal, for lunch the normal dal roti and chawal was served for her but she could smell fish being cooked in mustard oil, ready to be served. She immediately asked for it and had a liberal helping of “mach-bhat” and liked it very much”, from the excerpts of the same book published on


It is found that the viral image does not show Indira Gandhi eating seafood but roasted corn. However, she was not a vegetarian and liked to eat fish.

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