Indonesian Traveler’s Mecca Visit in Saffron Attire wrongly tied to Ram Temple Celebration


Celebrations of Bala Ram in Mecca, where the original Muslims lived??? 

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Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi led the inauguration of the Ayodhya Ram temple on January 22, 2024. The temple is located in an area that is thought to be the birthplace of the deity. For the Hindu majority in the most populous country in the world, the occasion was a cause for celebration. Hindu religion worshippers expected that Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir would soon become a popular tourist destination on a global scale, as Mecca and the Vatican.

Meanwhile, an 18 seconds viral video purports on Facebook that the Ram temple inauguration was celebrated in Mecca. This was posted on January 23, 2024, and also added that where did the original Muslim live?

In this viral video, we can see a group of people standing in front of Mecca, the Kaaba. In this group, mostly the women who are sitting are wearing saffron-coloured hijab, and the women who are standing are wearing saffron-coloured scarves with white hijab. The song playing in the viral video is “Bharat Ka Baccha Baccha Jai Shree Ram Bole Ga by Pooja Golhani”.

The viral video was widely shared by right-wing supporters and can be seen here.

What is the Truth?

Firstly, we ran a keyword search such as “Ram temple inauguration celebration at Mecca,” but we were not able to find anything related to this. Additionally, we ran a reverse search using the keyframes of the viral video, and we again didn’t find anything related to this viral video.

However, with further keyword search, we finally found some similar videos in YouTube shorts and Instagram of Indonesian pilgrims who visited Mecca in similar attire in saffron-coloured hijab and white-coloured hijab with saffron scarf. The Instagram handle of PT. An Namiroh Travelindo, an Indonesian travel agency, is found with multiple visuals that match the viral video.

We also attached below a comparison of the viral video and Indonesian pilgrimage videos.

In this comparison image, you can see women wearing similar saffron-coloured hijab, a few other women wearing white hijab and saffron scarfs, and all the Indonesian pilgrims wearing similar saffron and black coloured sling bags and similar identity cards.  

We can see similar attire in many YouTube videos, which can be seen here, and here. We also found an exactly similar video posted on YouTube Shorts on January 17, 2024; uploaded before the Ram temple consecration.

So according to all the above-mentioned proofs, the viral claim is found to be baseless and fabricated. The video is of Indonesian pilgrims visiting Mecca and not related to Ayodhya Ram temple inauguration.


The viral video is not related to the Ayodhya Ram temple inauguration celebration in Mecca; it has been baselessly linked and fabricated. The video is of Indonesian pilgrims visiting Mecca.

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