The photo is of injured CASR members and not of JNU students who wrote on JNU walls



I swear, now these three will not write even in their dreams, Brahmin Baniyas, leave India.

These three were the ones who wrote on the walls of #JNU

Unknown people thrashed fiercely 😂😂😀😀

All three #32GB have broken the ram 🙏🚩 Jai Shriram 🚩🙏

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The walls of the classes in Jawaharlal Nehru University were defaced with slogans against Brahmins and Baniyas a few days back. Now, an image of three injured people is viral on social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter with the claim that they have been thrashed fiercely by unknown people that they will never even imagine writing slogans asking brahmins and baniyas to leave the country. The three injured people are being claimed as the ones who painted graffiti slogans on JNU walls. Similar posts can be seen here, here, here, here, and here. Some of the Facebook posts have added an audio clip of a song to the image and shared the video file.

What is the truth?

When searching the image with Google lens, no relevant results of visual images were found. When clicking the option ‘find image source’, ‘The Siasat Daily’ article dated 1, December 2022 is found carrying the individual images of people in the collaged viral picture. The article titled ‘DU students allege ABVP attack while campaigning for GN Saibaba’s release’ mentioned that when the Delhi University students were campaigning for the release of Dr GN Saibaba, four among them were allegedly attacked by Akhila Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) members.

The Wire article titled “Delhi: Student, Activists Campaigning for G.N. Saibaba’s Release Allegedly Attacked by ABVP Members” dated 2, December 2022 is found carrying the viral image mentioning that five members of the campaign were injured while two members of the ABVP also reportedly suffered injuries.

When searching with the keywords from the above articles, a tweet dated 2, December 2022 by Mandeep Punia, a Journalist is found sharing a news article related to the incident with the caption roughly translated as “During this, there was a fatal attack on Shivkumar, the president of Labor Rights Organization, in which he has suffered serious injuries, another worker Badal has suffered a serious head injury” tagging three members.

The ‘Gaon Savera’ article shared by Mandeep Punia was dated 2, December 2022 and the title says: Mob attacks DU students while raising slogans of “Hindu Rashtra will be made”.

A tweet by Rajveer Kaur says “Sanghi goons of Abvp attack the Campaign Against State Repression’s campaigning team while they were distributing pamphlets for GN Saibaba’s release and program on 5th Dec at HKS Surjeet Bhavan”, attaching images that matched the viral collage.

The Facebook page ‘Campaign against State Repression’ (CASR) released a statement on 2, December 2022, a day after the incident and this clarifies that the viral image is not related to JNU issue as claimed.

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It is found that the injured people in the viral image are not the students of JNU who painted anti-brahmin and anti-baniya graffiti slogans on the walls of JNU but are members of CASR allegedly injured in a brawl with ABVP during their recent campaign for Dr Saibaba’s release.

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