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Do not use pesticide sprays when LPG gas is turned on in the kitchen!


#Warning!! A woman in her kitchen with the gas stove
Some of the dishwasher on the side while cooking
She saw the cockroaches. Immediately she sprayed the pesticide (“Hit”, “Mortein”). The speed spray caused the gas to explode and she suffered over 65% burns. Her husband, who tried to save her, also suffered burns.
Both were admitted to the hospital. The husband continues to receive treatment. But the woman died tragically without treatment. Her husband did not even know she was dead. So be warned not to use spray pesticides while the gas is burning. Don’t forget to read this message and share it with others.



A message has been shared warning people not to use insecticide sprays when there is the LPG is turned on in the kitchen, with an example story of a husband and wife being burned in a fire caused by the use of pesticides by a spray to kill cockroaches roaming near the lion while cooking in the gas stove.

The story told for example in the post going viral has been shared for the past 9 years. However, information related to it is not available.

However, the Times of India reported in 2018 that “the 27-year-old wife suffered 40% burns and her husband suffered minor burns as a result of a fire that broke out in the kitchen of an apartment house in Ghaziabad .”

Like many compressed gas products, home insecticide sprays usually come with warning signs to stay away from fires and sparks. There are also warnings to keep them in a cool or dry area and to avoid putting them on fire after emptying.

The general rule is that you should read and follow the safety guidelines outlined in its description when purchasing chemical products (spray type) for use.


In our search, the information shared that pesticide spray spraying is dangerous in case of fire while in use in fires including gas in the kitchen is true. However, it is not known where the alleged incident took place. However, similar fire incidents have occurred.

Careful handling of pesticide sprays in the kitchen. In addition, be aware of and use warning information and codes while using the sprays.

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