Is this ‘invisibility cloak’ discovered by Japanese scientists?


Japanese scientists discovered invisibility

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A video purportedly showing a lady using a cloak to make her invisible is viral on social media platforms. This video is shared with the claim that Japanese scientists discovered invisibility. Some of such posts can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

Youturn debunked a similar claim and published an article in Tamil on the same in July 2018.

A cloth similar to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak is used in the viral video but it doesn’t make anyone invisible as the video editing skills are used in making the lady invisible.

This is not a discovery by scientists as claimed but a normal routine in video editing in movies where they use green or blue coloured cloth while shooting videos and create magic while editing the footage. Something similar to these VFX scenes is claimed as a discovery in the viral claim now.

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When watching the video is carefully, a green line at the right side of the video is seen proving that a green cloth is used while capturing this video.

Dustin McLean, a creative director published a video on his YouTube channel in May 2012 with the title ‘Invisibility Cloak – Behind the scenes’ mentioning that he has explained some of the tricks used in the making of the video.

Here is one video with several similar instances where they likely have used a green or blue cloth while capturing the video and later edited using software like ‘Adobe after effects’.


The video showing a lady becoming invisible is not a discovery by Japanese scientists but a mere video editing.

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