An Indian expat Iqbal celebrating India’s independence day in Dubai is misidentified as Dubai Prince Hamdan.


Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan celebrated India’s independence day.

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A set of videos of a person seen dressed in a traditional Arab dress celebrating India’s independence day is widely circulated to claim that Dubai Prince Sheikh Hamdan celebrated India’s independence day this year. Some of the other posts with such claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

When searching with the account name watermarked in the viral video we found one of the videos posted on the Facebook page of Iqbal Hatboor. His profile bio says that he lives in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Multiple other visuals from the same occasion are also posted on his page mentioning about the celebration of India’s 77th independence day in Burj Khalifa in Dubai. He is seen with a car decorated with tricolours from the Indian flag on one side and the Dubai flag on the other side. He is seen waving the Indian flag in an image. These images are found to be matching with the viral videos being circulated.

He also shared a couple of news videos by Power TV News and Mathrubhumi News reporting about him celebrating India’s independence day in Dubai. With further search, we found a piece of information about him in a couple of Khaleej Times articles dated 2016 and 2015.

These articles by Khaleej Times covered Indian expatriates Iqbal Abdul Hameed and Ameer decorating their vehicles with UAE flags and leaders for over a decade as a part of National Day celebrations. Iqbal Abdul Hameed is an Indian businessman from Kerala. He is the chairman of Alia Al Hathboor Group and is decorating his vehicles along with another expat, Ameer Kappil, an Abu Dhabi-based car dealer. Both hail from Kerala’s Kasaragod.

Iqbal is an ardent fan of Shaikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. It is further stated that Iqbal Abdul Hameed’s wife is an Emirati and that she helps him in selecting Shaikh Hamdan’s pictures to decorate the car.

When searching for Dubai’s crown prince, we found Khaleej Times featuring Sheikh Hamdan’s photo while reporting about his newborn son.

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It is found that videos of Iqbal Abdul Hameed, a Dubai resident from India’s Kerala, celebrating India’s 77th independence day in Dubai are shared with false claims that Dubai Prince Hamdan is celebrating India’s independence day.

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