Edited image of Baal statue shared as statue of Allah inside Kaaba


Statue of Allah Inside Kaaba

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A viral post purports that archeologists found the Statue of Allah that matches the description of Quran and Hadith inside the Kaaba, Makkah, Saudi Arabia. It was posted on X handle on 24 November, 2023. Similar posts shared by netizens can be seen here and here.

What is the truth ?

When searching with relevant keywords, we found a website Islamtics which shared the inside images of Kaaba. We saw three similar wooden columns in a row which hold the Kaaba ceilings. We also saw a cupboard in the centre as seen in the viral image. However, the statue as seen in the viral image is not placed on the cupboard.

We also found another image of the same cupboard with a caption that describes it as a centered table used to place gifts and fragrances. There is no statue of Allah or any statue on the table as claimed in the viral posts.

A 360-degree view from inside the Kaaba is found posted on Islamtics Facebook page but we nowhere found the statue.

When reverse-searching the viral image, we found the original statue image on the website of World History Encyclopedia. The website also shared the history of this statue. The statue Baal is a Canaanite-Phoenician god of fertility and weather statue. Baal is best known today from the Bible as the antagonist of the Israelite cult of Yahweh.

This statue has no links to the Kaaba or Allah because Islam strongly prohibits all types of idolatry. Moreover, the image of the Baal statue is edited and falsely shared as a statue of Allah.


This viral post share edited image of the Baal statue and falsely claim it as statue of Allah inside Kaaba.

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