Is it the video of a dead body getting out of the burning pyre?


Suddenly a dead body got up from the burning pyre and started writhing loudly and started rolling on the ground, whose video is going viral on social media, viral video is being told of Nagla Khanjar police station of Firozabad.

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A video of a burning man near a burning pyre is shared widely to claim that a dead body got up from the burning pyre suddenly and started rolling on the ground and screaming in Firozabad. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The Firozabad Police Twitter account responded with a detailed description regarding the viral video to one of the viral posts. The statement mentions that “Ashok Kumar died due to cancer under Nagla Khangar police station of district Firozabad, whose last rites were being performed on the banks of river Yamuna where his close friend Anand was also present. When many people went away after setting the pyre on fire, Anand jumped into the burning pyre, and died during treatment in the hospital.“

With further search, we found 27, May 2023 dated India TV News article reporting the same incident. The article stated that Anand saddened by the death of his friend Ashok who was suffering from Cancer, jumped into his friend’s burning pyre. People who attended Ashok’s last rites pulled him out and rushed him to the district hospital where he was referred to Agra Medical College. But Anand succumbed to his burns on the way.

The viral video is found uploaded on the ‘Livegore’ website with the title ‘Man jumps into friend’s funeral pyre’. This website conveys the same information and mentions India TV News as its source. NDTV article reports the same news mentioning that efforts were being made to contact Anand’s family members, said Sirsaganj Circle Officer (CO) Praveen Tiwari.


If is found that the video is not of a dead man who got out from the burning pyre as claimed. A man saddened by his friend’s death jumped into his friend’s funeral pyre, and the viral video is related to this incident in Firozabad.

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