Is it the video of a Muslim teacher training her Hindu students to offer Namaz?


The video is being told of a school in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh. This female teacher gives training to Hindu girls in school for Namaz. Hindu families of Baghpat should not take this matter lightly. Ayesha of future to your Hindu daughter. Preparing to make Sania. Request to Hindus to share widely without taking this issue lightly. Baghpat police please tell about the case.

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A video clip purportedly showing school students performing Namaz on the instructions of a woman is widely shared with the claim that the female teacher Ayesha gives training to Hindu girls in school in Baghpat, Uttar Pradesh for Namaz. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here and here.

What is the truth?

Some of the viral posts have tagged Baghpat Police to which the Twitter account of Baghpat Police responded with a statement in Hindi. The statement mentions that they have investigated on the viral video of Hoshiyari Devi Girls Inter College located in Rathoda village under Chhaprauli police station. And it was revealed that in the past, preparations for a cultural program were going on in the school, under which some of the school Girls were to participate in the program. Due to this, preparations were being done by a teacher of the school, whose video is currently being broadcast by someone.

The statement further mentions that the viral video is old. In relation to the video, the school president Mr. Rampal Shastri, manager Dharamveer Singh and principal Munesh Chowdhary were reached by the police. It was told that the teacher of the school was preparing for the cultural program. Therefore, the said viral video is of the preparation for the cultural program at Hoshiyari Girls Inter College Rathoda. The claim that girl students are offering Namaz in school is untrue. The statement also asked the social media users not to spread misinformation.

In addition to it, a YouTube video uploaded by ABP Ganga reported about the viral video on 28, May 2023. The Principal of Hoshiyari Devi Girls Inter College mentions that the video clip was part of a cultural program rehearsal.


It is found that a video clip of a cultural program rehearsal is shared to falsely claim that a female teacher, Ayesha trains Hindu students to offer Namaz in a school in Uttar Pradesh.

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