Is Mamta worried due to the victory of NDA in 2024? No, the video is old, and from 2011!

The viral video is from 2011 showing TMC protesting against a Tata factory construction in the Singur district. This has no links to the current 2024 election


Frustration at its peak for Mamata Didi? Bowled by NDA?

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The much-awaited vote-counting is scheduled for today following the seven stages of the mammoth Lok Sabha India election 2024.

Here, we have a one-minute and twelve-second film featuring Mamta Banerjee, the chief minister of West Bengal. She can be seen ranting at someone, clutching a book, and appearing tense.

This video is shared with a claim stating, “Frustration at its peak for Mamata Didi? Bowled by NDA?” You can view a similar claim post here.

What’s the truth?

We began our investigation by using the keyframes from the popular video to create a basic reverse image technique.

During our investigation, we came upon the identical Mamata Banerjee video, which was uploaded on April 18, 2011, under the title “Mamata Banerjee ransack the West Bengal Assembly!!!!!” on the YouTube page kajalchowdhury. It is seen that the followers of Mamata Banerjee are causing chaos in the West Bengal Assembly.

At the West Bengal Assembly, protesters used chants to demonstrate against the construction of a Tata factory in the Singur district. We learned about their protest from the Bengali translation of their speech captured on camera. Additionally, in the same video, we saw members of the Trinamool Congress smashing objects in the area.

All of this data makes clear and validates the erroneous connection made by certain people between a very old video from Mamata Banerjee’s political career and the current 2024 election.


The viral video that purports to show CM Mamta’s frustration at the height of the NDA’s win is therefore incorrect and misleading.

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Indu Meenakshi

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