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Modi playing cricket 🏏

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A video clip showing a person playing cricket is shared with the claim that PM Narendra Modi is playing cricket. This video is viral on Twitter, Facebook and Youtube for the last few months and has resurfaced again now. Some of the videos with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth ?

When reverse-searching the keyframes of the viral video, we found that the person in the video is not Narendra Modi.

An Instagram post by a page named ‘yspl cricket’ (Yograj Singh Premier League) is found carrying the viral video and was posted a couple of days back. The post mentions “Cricket is my pride Cricket is my passion. Promoting cricket development Yograj Singh. All schools, colleges are invited to join this mission. New cricket academy.” It further mentions a contact number for the interested to reach them. The post tags another account named ‘Yograj Singh’.

When checking the profile of Yograj Singh, apart from the video where he is tagged, he also posted the same video on 14, March 2022 mentioning it as “Life is more fun, If you play games. Cricket is my passion. What is your game?”

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The page also has a link to a website with the domain name ‘yograjsinghcricket’. It is found on the website that he is a cricket coach. It further mentioned that he is the coach of many prominent players like Yuvraj Singh, an Indian Cricketer, Mannan Vohra, an IPL Player and Taniya Bhatia, a Female Indian Cricketer.

When further searching about Yograj Singh, it is found that he is the father of the Indian cricketer, Yuvraj Singh.

When reverse searching the image that is shared along with the video in some of the viral posts, 9, March 2023 dated tweet of Vaibhav Dewangan is found carrying the original image mentioning it as “An iconic moment captured! Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Captain Rohit Sharma, and Virat Kohli stand together during the national anthem at India vs Australia 4th Test match. A proud moment for every Indian!”

The original image is also found in news articles reporting about Modi’s visit to the India-Australia test match.

He is not seen wearing a cricket jersey during his visit or at the time of the National Anthem. He is seen in his usual kurta-pyjamas. The viral image is found to be edited.


It is found that the person playing cricket in the viral video is not Modi but a cricket coach Yograj Singh, also the father of Yuvraj Singh. And the image of Modi in the cricket jersey is edited.

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