Is the manifesto of Communist Party of India (Marxist) anti-Indian? Let’s find out


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The Election Commission of India (ECI) declared the 18th Lok Sabha general elections on March 16. Over 90 crore eligible voters will cast ballots for 543 Lower House seats in seven phases during the April and May Lok Sabha elections. On June 4, the results will be announced.  On April 4, 2024, the Marxist Communist Party of India announced its Lok Sabha election manifesto, pledging to repeal all “draconian” laws, including the Prevention of Money Laundering Act and the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act (PMLA).

Meanwhile a video of YouTuber Ankit Dubey was widely shared in social media. Ankit Dubey is a right wing supporter who has a YouTube channel named World Affairs Insights. In this channel recently he posted a YouTube video on ‘Revealing the truth behind the Leftist manifesto’ and from that a 1:26 short clip is getting viral on X(previously Twitter).

In a short video as we can see he is explaining the Communist Party of India (Marxist) manifesto for the Lok Sabha 2024 election. He is claiming a few points from the manifesto that CPI(M) is going to do . 

  1. Restore Article 370 
  2. Scrap CAA 
  3. Scrap Anti- Conversion law 
  4. Scrap New Education Policy 
  5. Scrap NSA, UAPA
  6. Remove death penalty 
  7. India to exist from QUAD I2U2 
  8. Eliminate Nuclear Weapon 

In this video while explaining this he mainly claimed, “anti conversion law will be scrapped and if someone converts you to some other religion then you can’t take any action against them. NSA and UAPA will be scrapped and these acts are for those who are terrorists and for the people who are a threat to the country’s security. If they scrapped this act then for CPM no one will be accused.” The last few points he also claimed that the death penalty will be scrapped even if the accused did any big mistake and also India’s nuclear weapon will be destroyed.  

He also claimed, “by scrapping these acts these leftist want to go against the Indian government. These acts were in the favour of the Indian citizens but all these left parties want to go against India and want to implement laws which help other countries.”

But, YouTube channel World Affairs Insights Ankit Dubey is misrepresenting the promises of Communist Party of India (Marxist).

What’s the truth? 

Come let’s s find out one by one : 

Jammu and Kashmir 

The CPI(M) platform pledges to repeal Sections 35A and 370 because the party believes that by defending the rights of Jammu and Kashmiri citizens in all forums, it is demonstrating its ongoing commitment to the autonomous status conferred by J&K’s Section 370. As a preliminary step, the CPI(M) supports the restoration of full statehood and calls for rapid elections to the State Assembly.

Defend Secularism 

The CPI(M) promises to uphold the idea that religion and politics, the State, the government, and the administration should be kept apart at all costs. It will push for legislation prohibiting hate speech and related offences. It is dedicated to doing away with the CAA.

Defend Secularism 

During this time, attacks against Christian minorities have also escalated dramatically, with the BJP state governments enacting the strictest laws in the name of combating conversion. Poor tribal communities are the focus of the attacks in particular.

The terrible example of the devastation brought about by the majoritarian policies of the BJP double engine administrations is Manipur, where tribal people were singled out due to their race and religion the great majority of whom are Christians. The clearest illustration of how such divisive politics can destroy the diversity and pluralism that are so distinctive to India, especially the northeast, is Manipur. 

Strengthen the Universal Right to Education, Stop Privatization of Higher Education

According to CPI(M) with its focus on commercialization, centralization, and communalization, the National Education Policy 2020 is a direct attack on the right to an education. Less than 3% of the GDP is allocated to public education in the budget, and private companies are receiving concessions that turn the right to an education into a right to profit at the expense of the vast majority of students and young people.

Save Democracy 

The fundamental tenet of a democratic nation, the freedom to dissent, is being undermined by the Modi government’s covert policy of criminalising all forms of protest as being anti-national. It has arbitrarily detained hundreds of people, including well-known and devoted political and democratic activists, without bringing charges against them and denying them the right to bond, all because they have disagreed with the policies of the Modi government. It has done this by arbitrarily using harsh laws like the Unlawful Activities Prevention Act (UAPA), National Security Act (NSA), and Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA).

In Defence of Constitution and Democracy 

Remove death penalty from the statutes

Foreign Policy 

The non-aligned foreign policy that best advances the interests of our own nation is what the CPI(M) stands for in Manifesto. It represents maintaining cordial ties with our neighbours while guarding all facets of national security.

Security Matters

Total eradication of all Weapons of Mass Destruction including chemical and biological ones, as well as nuclear weapons. Friendly connections are promoted and issues are peacefully resolved through conversation, dialogue, and diplomacy. 

Therefore, we find out that all the claims are misleading and misrepresented. In CPI(M) manifesto it is specially mentioned they believe in peace, harmony, secularism and diversity. In the manifesto it mentioned that the secular democratic of India is under threat in the Narendra Modi regime. CPI(M) wants every citizen of India to have rights to speech and expression and politics should not involve religion because it will be a threat to Indian sovereignty. 


World Affairs Insights YouTube channel’s Ankit Dubey misrepresented the promises of Communist Party of India (Marxist).


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