Is this a Muslim woman who got converted to Hinduism?

Many social media posts claim a Muslim woman converted to Hinduism and had offered gold crown to a temple.


America’s famous lady doctor has sent 19 tola gold crown and makeup items for Pardeshwar Mahadev of Ghaziabad. This crown has been prepared by two artisans from Hardoi in UP. The lady doctor was formerly a Muslim, who converted to Sanatan Dharma a year back.

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Several social media posts claim that a Muslim woman living in America had converted to Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma. These posts also claim that the woman offered 19 Carat gold which was then used by some artisans from Hardoi in Uttar Pradesh to make a crown for Pardeshwar Mahadev Temple of Ghaziabad. Some of these posts can be seen here and here.

What’s the truth?

The social media posts originated from tweets from News 24 and RSS mouthpiece Panchjanya. Although the tweets are deleted, it has been archived which can be accessed here and here. The tweet from News 24 claims along with the photo claim that the woman is a doctor working in the US who has converted to Hinduism and had offered Rs.12 lakh worth of gold to Lord Shiva.

Panchjanya, the RSS Mouthpiece, too had similar claims in the tweet but it did not have an image.

However, the person in the image shared by News 24 and several others in social media is not a Doctor from the United States of America. The person in the image is Udita Tyagi, a known BJP leader. Her twitter ID has an update of her visiting the temple.


According to her website, she was born in Garhmukteshwar district of Uttar Pradesh and her father’s name is M.C.Tyagi. She later married Yogesh Tyagi and moved to Ghaziabad. She has a Masters degree and a PhD in Chemistry. So, she is not the Muslim woman who got converted to Hinduism and donated gold to the temple.

According to a post shared by her in her twitter page, the real person who got converted doesn’t want to be publicly identified and a confusion might have occurred as she too is a woman and a Doctor albeit in Chemistry.


So, the woman in the photo shared virally in social media is not the person who converted from Islam to Hinduism.


The posts in social media claiming that a Muslim woman from Islam converted to Hinduism with a photo of a woman is misleading. The woman in the picture is a BJP leader, Udita Tyagi.

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