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Is the elephant dead by trapped in the electric fence of Isha Center?


The elephant was trapped in an electric fence set up in the forest around the Isha Yoga Center and died. No law will apply against that cannabis drinker. Half the drug lords will not speak out against it.

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A photo of an elephant lying dead on an electric fence set up in the forest around the Isha Yoga Center in Coimbatore has gone viral. Isha Yoga Center is mentioned and shared by thousands.

Followers have been asked to tell the truth about the rumours circulating about the death of an elephant after being struck by an electric fence at the Isha Yoga Center.

Fact Check:

While searching for the death of an elephant in Coimbatore, a viral photo was published in the January 5 issue of Malaimalar, which said, “A male elephant died due to high voltage in a farm near Coimbatore. The forest department is investigating the incident.” The death of the elephant has been reported in many news.

Aruchamy, a resident of Coimbatore South Nallur, leased a garden in the Kulatheri area near Chemmedu and was cultivating paddy. He has set up an electric fence around his garden to protect the paddy fields from elephants and wild boars.

At around 12 pm, two male elephants, aged 15 and 22, entered the field and ate the crops. A 22-year-old elephant has been electrocuted while stepping on a fence while leaving a garden. The forest officials who came to the spot tried to save the elephant but it died tragically, ”the report said.

The state government has said that to protect crops from wildlife, small amounts of electricity should be used from the battery or sunlight solar panel. Placing high voltage connections on the ground is seen as illegal. A case has been registered against Durai in connection with the death of an elephant.

Accusation and denial of Isha:

The rumors circulating that the elephant was trapped in the electric fence around the Isha Center were false. However, activists and local farmers have blamed the Isha Center for chasing away the elephant, which was electrocuted on the farm.

They currently have no evidence to prove this allegation. However, CCTV footage from the area suggests that the elephants may have been chased away. They have demanded that CCTV footage of the area be examined. However, the district forest officer has denied allegations that the elephant may have been chased by locals or members of the ashram.

“Chasing elephants is done only after careful evaluation by our teams. Locals are not involved in the chase of the elephants as they know that chasing the elephants will come back and attack them, ”said Venkatesh, the district forest officer, according to a DNM report.


Meanwhile, a tweet on Siva M’s Twitter page, referred to as a popular journalist, has sparked a series of tweets in response to repeated allegations that members of the Isha Center had chased the elephant.

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In our search, the information spread that the elephant was trapped in the electric fence set up around the Isha Center was dead, It is learned that the elephant was trapped in an electric fence on the farmland and died.

But the reason for the elephant’s death has been blamed by local farmers and activists as belonging to the Isha Center. The district forest activist has denied the allegation. At the same time, there is the question of whether the accusations of locals and activists about elephants is still unsolved.

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