Right-wing spreads hatred with this image of Islamic flag in a temple, without context

Both Hindus & Muslims share the temple for over a century


Can saffron be hoisted in the mosque?

Can Hanuman Chalisa be recited in the mosque?

Can Ramayana be recited in the mosque?

Can Gita be recited in the mosque?

If not then why 786 flag in the temple?

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An image of a temple where a green coloured flag with the number 786 printed on it is seen tied to the temple roof is shared widely on social media questioning how can an Islamic flag be seen in a temple when a saffron flag is not allowed in a Mosque. The post by a Twitter user Ambuj Bharadwaj also includes the questions: Can Hanuman Chalisa be recited in the mosque? Can Ramayana be recited in the mosque? Can Gita be recited in the mosque?

Panchjanya shared the same image with the caption ‘Islamic flag in the temple!! Picture of Chanda Devi Temple in Gunderdehi, Chhattisgarh’. The image is viral on social media with the same claim and is majorly shared by BJP supporters.

What is the truth?

When searching with the keywords ‘Chanda Devi temple, Gunderdehi, Chhattisgarh’, a tweet by ANI MP/CG/Rajasthan is found. This tweet dated 9, February 2023 is found carrying a set of images including one similar to the viral image. It is mentioned that the temple sets an example of brotherhood and communal harmony where Hindus and Muslims offer prayers together.

With further search, Republic Bharat’s YouTube video dated 8, February 2023 is found with matching visuals of the viral image. The video of Chandi Devi temple in Chhattisgarh is titled in Hindi ‘Balod News: Chandi temple of Gunderdehi is an example of Hindu- Muslim unity, know the specialty’.

The description part reads “These days the Gunderdehi temple, about 30 kilometers away from Balod district of Chhattisgarh, is becoming very viral on social media. Its specialty is that here both Hindu- Muslim worship with their own customs”.

Navbharat Times article is found carrying images from Maa Chandi Devi temple. The article mentions that the temple is 100 years old and since then it has been a place of worship for both Hindus and Muslims. This temple with Chandi Devi idol and Islamic symbol 786 is said to be located in the Balod district of Chhattisgarh. It is also mentioned that Zamindar Raja Nihal Singh Rai constructed it.

Amar Ujala Hindi News reported that the claim is false and mentioned, “The idol and the holy moon came out from the pond. Local people told that the idol of Chandi Mata came out from the local Ramsagar pond and along with it the holy moon of the Muslim community also came out. Rajendra Kumar Rai said that his grandfather Thakur Nihal Singh, who became the last zamindar of the area, also installed a green holy sheet of Syed Baba Saheb on the top of this temple”.


It is found that the image of the Islamic flag in a temple is shared with a missing context. The image is indeed true and is a place of worship for both Hindus and Muslims in Chhattisgarh.

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