Old and unrelated video clips merged to falsely quote as ‘Islamic Republic of Britain’.




*Welcome to Islamic Republic of Britain😝 BBC won’t show you this. 😝😝😝😝😝😝😝*

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A 45-second video clip is shared mentioning it as ‘Islamic republic of Britain’ and ‘Welcome to Islamic republic of Britain’ in the context that Muslims are demanding the Islamic Republic of Britain and to convey that Muslims are involved in violent protests in Britain. Some of the posts with such a claim can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

The article is originally published by Youturn in Tamil on 14, March 2023.

When watching the video closely, we found that three different video clips are merged to create the viral video. The first video clip (0:00 to 0:08 seconds) is found uploaded by the ‘Anti NWO Alliance’s Facebook page on 30, September 2019 with the caption “Ashura Day London, United Kingdom. 10, September 2019”. The matching visual from the first clip of the viral video is found at the 0:34 second timestamp of the Facebook video. Ashura day is observed in remembrance of Husayn by parading through the streets and re-enacting his death.

The matching visual from the second video clip (from 0:09 to 0:21 seconds) of the viral video is found in BBC news dated 7, June 2020 mentioning it as an anti-racism protest in Bristol. This protest was sparked after the death of the black man, George Floyd in the US.

It further reported that the statue of slave trader Edward Colston has been torn down during the protest as he allegedly trafficked around 80,000 people including women and children from Africa to America in the 17th century.

The exact visual of the second clip of the viral video is found in a video uploaded by ‘Guardian News’ Youtube channel on 7, June 2020. The video is titled “Cheers as Bristol protesters pull down statue of 17th century slave trader”.

The visual from the third clip (0:22 to 0:45 second) of the viral video is found at the 0.25-second timestamp of a video uploaded by ‘The Telegraph’ YouTube channel on 25, June 2020. It is mentioned that police officers were injured and police vehicles were smashed during violent clashes in Brixton after a large music event went out of control.

The Mirror and BBC are found reporting the incident on 25, June 2020. These reports mention the incident as clashes during an illegal street party in South London.


It is found that three old video clips from various unrelated parade and protests are merged to falsely claim that Muslims are forming/demanding the ‘Islamic Republic of Britain’.

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