2018 old video of Israeli soldiers killed with explosives on a flag is shared as a recent one linked with the Hamas war


The flag, armed with explosives, was placed on the barbed wire to be removed by the Zionists. The Israeli soldier was careful to ensure that the base of the flag would not get jammed and would not explode once it was removed, but he was not aware that the flagpole itself was filled with explosive materials.

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In the 1 minute 31-second claim video, we see a soldier carefully removing the flag armed with explosives and he ensures that the pole is dismantled properly. We also see that he was not aware that the whole flagpole itself was filled with explosives which exploded once he kept it in the ground.

This video is spread now all over the internet linking with the ongoing Israel-Palestine war with similar claims that can be seen here, here, and here. Come, let’s check the authenticity of this viral scary claim.

What’s the truth?

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When we started our research using the keyframes of the viral video it led us to the same video which was uploaded in 2018. The video was posted on 13 November 2018 by a X user namely Ali Shoeib with a caption, “This is how the Israeli occupation soldiers flew after the explosion of the “flag” operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance on 2/17/2018, the scenes of which were published today in conjunction with the aggression on Gaza, and it promises to publish more.”

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This clearly proves that the video is old and not from the recent ongoing war between the Israel and Hamas. Also this same video was circulated earlier in 2021 and was also denied stating that the video is old and from 2018.


Therefore, we conclude with the available evidence that, the old mishap video from 2018 is shared linking with the current war scenario between the Israel and Palestine.

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