It is rumoured that the BJP won over 100 seats with narrow margin!

The infographic poster numbers about the BJP winning numbers are incorrect


What would you call this scam? BJP won 30 seats with a margin of less than 500. Won more than 100 seats by a margin of less than 1000

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BJP won 240 seats in the recently concluded parliamentary elections. Social media users are circulating that the BJP won 30 seats by a slim margin of fewer than 500. According to the infographic poster, the BJP secured over 100 seats with a margin of less than a thousand. You can view a similar claim post in Tamil language with a slight variation in numbers here.

What’s the truth?

We looked up the data on the Election Commission of India’s main website to verify whether the information presented was accurate. Also, we have compiled a spreadsheet with the specifics of 240 constituencies that the BJP has won, along with the number of votes they have received.

In the Jaipur constituency that the BJP won, the candidate “Rabindra Narayan Behera,” prevailed with the smallest victory margin. His winning margin was 1,587 votes. He received 5,34,239 votes.

Not a single seat was won by the BJP by a margin of less than 1,500 votes. And it only prevailed by a margin of less than 6,000 votes in 8 constituencies. Otherwise, it won by more than 10,000 margin votes in other places.

In the most recent parliamentary elections, Ravindra Dattaram Waikar, a member of the Shinde faction of the Shiv Sena, secured the victory with a margin of 48 votes in the Mumbai North West Constituency in Maharashtra state.

This indicates that the infographic poster that has been making the rounds regarding the BJP winning 100 seats by a margin of less than a thousand votes is inaccurate.


Therefore, we conclude that the viral poster’s assertion that the BJP won the recent parliamentary elections by a margin of 500 votes in 30 constituencies and a smaller margin of 1000 votes in 100 seats is false.

The lowest margin of votes in the constituencies won by the BJP is 1,587.

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Indu Meenakshi

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