Did the crowd at Hyderabad stadium chant Lord Ram’s song during T20 cricket?


Social media posts claiming that Jai Sri Ram was chanted at Uppal stadium during the T20 cricket match between India and Australia are viral.

A few of the claims can be seen here, here and here.

What is the truth?

A video where the crowd in a cricket stadium seem to chant Lord Ram’s song is shared with a claim that it happened in Hyderabad stadium. The ‘Rachakonda Police’ has responded that it is incorrect and that it didn’t happen in Hyderabad stadium.

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When we searched to find out the audio played in the viral post, YouTube shorts dated 13, September 2022 was found with the same lines ‘mere Bharat ka baccha baccha Jai Shri ram bolega’.

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A few of the social media users seem to respond that it is not Hyderabad but Nagpur stadium in the comment section of the viral posts. These details seemed to be correct when checked.

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The audio mentioned above might have been merged with the old visual from Nagpur stadium, but we could not confirm it. However, the video is not from Hyderabad stadium as claimed.


The video claiming that the crowd chants Lord Ram’s song in Uppal stadium, Hyderabad is false. The visuals is from Nagpur stadium.

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