This article is from Aug 27, 2020

It is rumoured that Mark said that “Jai Sriram” is indexed 2 crore times daily on Facebook!


Founder Mark says that the mantra “Sriram ram” is posted on Facebook more than two crore times every day. Sriram ram.



According to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, the word “Sriram ram” is being reported by more than 2 crore people daily on Facebook, India’s largest social media site. The post has gone viral in Hindi and English as well as in Tamil. However, in Hindi posts it is claimed that “Sriram Ram” is being posted on Facebook 200 crore times a day.

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Fact Check

Looking at the number of irregularities in the Tamil and English records, it was understood that it was forwarded information.

No official or media information has been released whether Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has leaked information about the “Jai Sriram” report. There is no such post on the Facebook page of Mark Zuckerberg. Newsroom, a news site owned by Facebook, did not feature any statistics on “Jai Sriram”.

The word trending on the internet can be found on hashtags like Google Trend and Twitter Trend. When we searched through Google Trends to see if the word “Jai Sriram” was trending in India, it peaked between August 2 and August 8. This is because on August 5, Bhoomi Puja was held to build the Ram Temple in Ayodhya. But, before and after that it was not trending.

Similarly, it is noteworthy that the false information that the video of Seeman, the coordinator of the political party “Naam Tamizhar”, was searched by 3 lakh people on YouTube, and the statistics released by Google, went viral.


In our search, we were able to find out that the spread of the word Jay Sriram is being posted on Facebook more than two crore times a day is false statement and the Facebook founder Mark has not released any statistics regarding this.

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